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SUPPLIER DIVERSITY: EUROPE 43 Capital Consulting te crea plier To sup al tern ersity in div mmes ra prog To build relation s with di hips ver supplie se rs Building relationships with diverse suppliers This vital area has focused on building relationships with potential diverse suppliers by providing a reference point on suppliers and developing a database of suppliers and intermediary organisations. Pilot forums have also been established across the UK, Germany and France in order to develop dialogues with potential suppliers. These pilots will be extended across further European countries during 2006–2007. The forum’s website (www.europeansupplier diversity.com) is now a rich source of information, tips and techniques on developing supplier programmes. The website has public and member– only sections and details of potential suppliers are to be housed on the site. Informing and working with key audiences Working with key audiences and stakeholders is a crucial way of raising profile to drive awareness – both of the supplier diversity issue itself and the work of the Supplier Diversity Europe group. Relationships with key players in governments at national and European level are being maximised in order to sustain interest and increase understanding. In 2005 and 2006, meetings have been held with prime contractors in order to spread the message through the supply chain and to stimulate membership of the forum. Speaking as a member, I have found the approach to the issues to be refreshing and engaging. I think there is real appetite and energy to get supplier diversity on to the main business page and I would assure any would–be members that the workshops held for participants are not “talking shops” but approach some key issues in a challenging and productive way. Jon Whiteley A recognised expert on diversity, Jon is a member of Supplier Diversity Europe, the Ministry of Defence’s Strategic Diversity Panel, and Croner’s Diversity Editorial Panel. He is a chartered fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development (CFIPD) and an associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (ACIB). To info work w rm and it audien h key ces For more information To find out more about Supplier Diversity Europe, please call +32 2 230 5930 or email info@migpolgroup.com engage ISSUE TWO 2006