engage magazine issue 002 \\\\\\\'06 - Page 41

Raising Expectations through Growth, Achievement, Respect and Direction Summer Workshop 2006 e • (e dot) The Regard Programme is set up help people from deprived circumstances and disadvantaged backgrounds to access employment and training opportunities within the creative industries. Earlier this year, the Regard Programme was funded by the Local Network Fund for Children and Young People to deliver the following: A 2 week summer workshop which was held from 31st July 2006 to 11th August 2006 for 10 young people aged 14-16. The aim of the workshop was to produce a youth magazine for Newham. Students were able to explore the creative industries as future career choices. Students also benefited from the input of current creative practitioners as well as developing the following:a sense of enterprise, team building/team work; literacy, numeracy, ICT skills and creative skills. Students undertook all aspects of the creative process including: • • • • • Graphic Design/ layouts Copywriting Editing Photography Production All of the students achieved a Level 1 OCN accredited qualification from our Creative 09 suite. The Regard programme is seeking additional funding so that we can continue with the e • project. Please contact 0207 474 2777 if you are able to assist us in any way.