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34 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 2012 Olympic Games Developing London’s BAME Businesses How the London Development Agency is responding to the opportunity of the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games n 2012 the world will celebrate the most spectacular sporting event on the planet. While the Olympic Games will last a matter of weeks, the legacy it will leave London and the UK will last a lifetime. Ensuring the potential benefits of the Games is felt across London’s diverse business community as a key priority. Through targeted business support, the LDA will seek to ensure that small and medium sized enterprises (including Black, Asian and Minority, women and disabled-owned businesses) can maximise opportunities offered by the Games. Businesses need to be in a competitive position and be ‘fit to supply’. Support can currently be accessed to help firms with the practicalities of tendering for private and public sector contracts. The Games are also being used to regenerate some of London’s most deprived areas. It is the LDA’s vision to transform the derelict Lower Lea Valley into a ‘water city’ by using its canals to complement up to 40,000 new homes, 50,000 new jobs, thriving commercial centres and the largest urban park in London for 150 years. The 2012 Olympics offers opportunities to maintain the capital’s position as one of the best places in the world to live, work and visit. The LDA will use its unique role to ensure that long after the Olympic flame has left London, the legacy will live on. For further information about the work of the LDA, visit www.lda.gov.uk Businesses wishing to tap into Olympics opportunities should visit www.londonbusinessopportunities.co.uk I 2012 ISSUE TWO 2006 engage Regeneration was central to London’s bid and the Games are a unique catalyst to boost business growth, develop deprived areas and inspire people to learn new skills. Since London was named as the 2012 hos B6GFRFFWfVVBvV72&VVv&rFV7W&RF6R&VVfG2v&V62VR276&RF22FRf'7BvW27F'vW&R&VvVW&F6vR6VFr62'2G&rFW&6B66FWfVVB2&VVVBB2VFW'v6V&ǒF2FVw&FVB&62FRWFrvRvFVƗfW"FRvW2BFRVv7'Bb&VvVW&Fv&2F6VRFR'GVGFFWfV62f"FRǖ72B&WBFRD2W&rG&rFFfW2FVWBFR6VvW2b7&VFrFRǖ2&vRvR&R6v&rFW7F&Ɨ6&Rǖ2fVFVW"&w&W2F7&RFW.( 2F7V&RWr622FR6F2FRvFWvFFRTFW&62RbFR7B'fW26V7F'2FF&vWBFR&V6VFǒV6VBDFFW&6f66WG2WBV"F&7BW"ffW"Gf6RbGW&rBgFW"FRvW2ࠠ