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Disability Rates – Ethnic Minorities n There are substantially more BME disabled people in the 45+age bracket compared to the white population of London, as demonstrated in the chart below which used standardising rates that control for the differences in age, to estimate what the overall percentage disabled would be in each group if their age structure was the same Disability Rates by Ethnicity and Age Greater London 2001/2 Source: Annual Local Labour Force Survey 2001/2 Bonafide project The ‘Bonafide’ Project provides alternative learning and development opportunities within the creative industries for those who are disengaged, underachieving or invisible. (By invisible, we mean those that operate within the realm of ‘creative underground’ generating innovative cultural production but not visible to statutory bodies.) The n Using standardised measures, the divergence between disability rates for BME and white groups increases, with BME rate rising to 20% compared with 16% for white groups: The Project also aims to provide support and guidance to enable participants on the programme to establish sustainable business opportunities The ‘Bonafide’ project delivers a wide range of nationally recognised qualifications. The project targets BAME students in the Creative and Cultural Industries. Total disability rates for persons of working age % disabled – unstandardised % disabled – standardised for age White 16.2 15.7 BMEs 17.9 19.8 (Source: GLA DMAG Briefing 2003 – Disabled people and the Labour market) Money Talks n The estimated annual purchasing power of people with disabilities is £80 billion (Source: Family Resource Survey 2002/2003) Contact Florence for further information No qualifications are required to undertake this project! 0207 47 47 22 2