engage magazine issue 001 spring \'06 - Page 9

UPFRONT 9 Business in the Community Supplier Diversity disproportionate barriers Business in the Community is a unique independent business-led charity whose purpose is to inspire, engage, support and challenge over 800 companies of all sizes, to improve their impact on society. Its strength lies in the members’ commitment to positive community action. I Peter Lambert OBE Director, London & South East, Business in the Community ts national campaign Race for Opportunity works directly with 180 organisations to realise their objectives on race as part of their diversity programme. In last year’s benchmarking RFO highlighted supplier diversity as the weakest area of business engagement with BAME communities – a point of major concern as supplier diversity promotes business innovation and connects with customers and importantly there are 250,000 BAME enterprises across the UK. In 2001, BAME enterprises represented 20% of London business, employing 800,000 and generating £40 billion sales revenue – a vital contribution to the UK’s economic growth. As a result RFO launched a guide on supplier diversity in November 2005 and now are pleased to announce that RFO will be working in conjunction with the LDA to develop a series of case studies and tips on how to engage BAME suppliers. These learnings will be disseminated with an on-line publication and workshop in the Autumn of 2006. Peter Lambert OBE, Director, London & South East, Business in the Community “Business in the Community is excited to be involved in the delivery of a key aspect of the London BAME Action Plan. Our current LDA funded project, working with our Race for Opportunity campaign aims to help break down the disproportionate barriers to the growth and development of BAME business by activating business support and providing tools to help BAME business work with large organisations to improve their supplier diversity.’’ SPRING ISSUE 2006 engage