engage magazine issue 001 spring \'06 - Page 59

NETWORKING CULTURES 59 Chinese Influence London Chinese Community Network London Chinese Community Network (LCCN) was established in 2001. It’s mission is to effect positive long-term change in London’s Chinese voluntary and community sectors by responding to community needs, helping to build partnerships and connecting people with ideas, resources and good practices. he role of the LCCN is to promote the profile of Chinese people and culture in the wider society, through building bridges between government agencies and London’s Chinese community organizations; gathering information on behalf of member organizations on funding and policy change; organising training for capacity building and facilitating debates on service provision, strategic planning and development. In order to ensure that the Chinese community has a significant voice, the LCCN continues to co-ordinate our effort and maintain our connection. It also sees the importance of the communication with the Chinese community and with T Delegates from China visit London Chinese Community Network’s office to exchange the experience on the matter of social welfare system between Sino-British.(below) Delegates of the Chinese business community made a site visit to the Thames Gateway. the wider society. The LCCN works with stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds. They include Chinese voluntary organisations in London, central and local government, regional offices, mainstream organisations, academic institutions, corporate and individuals. Currently, the LCCN has over 60 corporate members that support the Chinese community in London. Over the past year the LCCN has worked closely with the London 2012 Forum to promote London’s 2012 Olympic bid among London’s Chinese population. As part of its work, the LCCN also undertakes research in order to assist government authorities and grassroots service providers in their respective tasks of formulating funding policies and delivering purposeful community-orientated services. For more information about LCCN visit www.chinese-network.net email info@chinese-network.net SPRING ISSUE 2006 engage