engage magazine issue 001 spring \'06 - Page 58

58 PRODUCTS Technology engage with technology In every issue of engage you will find up to date technology news, reviews and information. In fact we will go out of our way to bring the most up to date available technology to you. As technologies become a more and more important part of our life, you’ll want to get the most out of it. But the more complicated it gets, the harder it becomes to connect with. We \H\H[[^\YHXH[][Hۛ]\\Y[[]\ [ܛHP]\]\H\[\[܈\ۘ[][H\]Y][ܙH[K8'\Yۈ]][X]Z[H[\x'K]\]HX[YX\\[ܛHY^HX]H[]P[ؚ[H[\ۙH8$^Hۈ^H8']\\\H^H[HY][ؚ[H[][X][ۋ\Y\ˈ\H[\ˈ\HYZ[[۝\][]][ۘ\H[K]X[[K'HYۛH]\][X]YH\\[\ XH[N0MKNH H0NK ˘[X^ۋ˝Z‚\HTY[X Ђ[X[H[]8&\HTY[X&H] ЈوY[[ܞKY]Y[\[\[[[XY[H\Z[\ L ۙˈX^XH]ܘ\]ݚYH[H][[Y[\[8$]HTY[[H[]H\X[H\ L L [[\] ]\H\HTY[XX[HXZ\H\\]X[]H\ܝ܈\ H\وY[ˈ]]ۈ^܋\\ KZ[\\^KH]T[[HZH]\XY[[][H\]\[HˈXH[N0NKNH H0̍K ˜ܛ ˝Z‚^ Y][\X[Y\BH^\[ۘ[HXYZۈ^ Y][\X[Y\H[X\[H\\HH]Xۙ]X\XKܝ[H XY[ HYY\^[\][ۈ[ MHY\[[H[\[Y[ [H\\ˈH]X[]H X[KSZ܈[[[HH; ^X[]H[H[\\ [[ۚ]܈[\Y\]X\Hو\KXH[N0LLK H0NNK ˘\\˘˝Z‚\HSXX•\]\[[X]\\H[[ܙH[ K \܋H MЈ\]H[H M[\^K[Y[[TY[Y\HZ[Y[HSXX&\\^KH X]ۈ\H[[H[X\[H۝H][K[YYXH[]Y[]\X[[[ۜH[]\H[HK][[Y\Z[ Z[Z\ܝ[Y]\[\XY\ˈXH[N0N  H0N H˘\]\\Z\K˝Z‚[YHSTQH