engage magazine issue 001 spring \'06 - Page 51

ATTRACT EMPLOYEES 51 Recruitment MATT ROCK yourself, where possible, to the head of department/ instructor of the relevant course or programme, explain what you need and ask for recommendations. By pro-actively engaging in this way you may build a relationship that will ensure a steady stream of talent to your business. Employment agencies are an obvious route to finding the employees you need. If your budget permits, employment agencies can take care of the preliminary weeding of applicants for you and just send you those that clearly match your job and person specification. In terms of workload, the cost of using an agency may far outweigh doing it all yourself. Put the word out on the street (word of mouth). Basic, I know, but if you’re not in a rush to recruit, spreading the word through other business contacts, friends and colleagues, telling them exactly what you are looking for, can reap results. Be real about your qualification criteria. If you need to ask for qualifications, make sure they are relevant to the job i.e. don’t ask for proficiency in excel if no-one in the company actually uses it. Offer prospective employees career progression. Most people are not looking for a job that they will do for the next twenty years. If you don’t have scope in your business to offer clear pro ɕͥͥȁѥѕ́ݥѠѡչѼɸ܁̰ͭɡ́ͽɅٕɔ䁅ѕȁхչЁѥѡ 䁉ɥѡ͔ͥե́ԁɔѡЁԁٔɕɕѡЁٕͥЁѼєȁхѕх%ѡЁՔݔݥ͍́ѡѕ٥܁ɽ́܁ѼЁЁɥи()5屔ЁȁɕեѵЁȸ)IЁٕéѡU,ٔɕٕѡЁɔɹЁѡȁՅ䁽eԁȁȁɔɅѥٔ䁽ɥ ᥉䁽́ȁݽɭɽѥ̸() ɕє啔ѥٔ)AɔɅ䁭ݥѡɔ͍́Ѽɸɔȁəɵȁ̀Ёݥٔɽѥٔ啕́ͽѡѼ݅ɐѼ()MAI%9%MMU؁((