engage magazine issue 001 spring \'06 - Page 47

BUSINESS BOOKS 47 Book Reviews There is definitely no shortage of books advising you on how to start and run your business. Each issue Engage magazine reviews three of them. In this issue business books reviewer Caroline Lashley tells you what she thinks... Successful Seminar Selling Author: Philip Calvert Publisher: How To Books ISBN: 1-85703-966 Price £10.99 Most books I’ve come across about this particular subject have been American: loud, in-your-face and a definite emphasis on making moola - the fact that you can be famous as a result seems almost secondary! The Brits, however, (and practically true to a stereotype of sorts) take a much more measured approach: seminars tends to divide people into those who look at seminars as a ready-made excuse to get out of the office and those who have to be dragged from their desk to learn something. Written by Philip Calvert, “Successful Seminar Selling” is a three-part guide to using seminars and similar events as an effective marketing tool to generate sales, a means of positioning oneself as an expert in any given field, and if you’re very good at this, find yourself fully prepared in a career as a speaker. This book literally breaks down how seminars should be devised, planned, organised, priced and promoted using a range of strategies and tactics, presented in an easy, approachable fashion. If that wasn’t quite enough, there’s helpful pointers on using clarity, confidence and conviction (and no, not the criminal sort!) - ie. passion and sincerity. At the back of the book is a five-month plan of what to do and when to carry out certain tasks to ensure seminars are a success this alone is probably worth the book price. Business Agreements Made Easy Author: Yvette Hoskings-James Publisher: Lawpack Publishing ISBN: 1-904053-84X Price £11.99 For a quick, detailed overview about having agreements in place before you start running your business, Business Agreements Made Easy (BAME) should be required reading, especially as with most entrepreneurs, your knowledge of the law is non-existent! Written by Yvette Hoskings-James (who was a lawyer before setting up her business consultancy), BAME covers most areas you’re likely to come across in business such as e-commerce, dealing with disputes (and more importantly what to do about them!), contractual obligations, and contract terms - in short, all the issues people as consumers don’t always pay attention to unless there’s a problem. The good thing about this book is the fact that despite its subject matters - legal - it is written in plain English, so that readers (and indeed business owners!) with a nonlegal background can quickly grasp the main points. Each chapter starts with a “what’ll you find” set of bullet points and with several ѕ̰ѡɗéЁ́ɕɕ́ݥѼɕȸ=ɵݥѠѡ̰ͥ䁅ѥɧѥ́ѡѡ٥́݅̀́Ѽ͕ɔ٥եɽɽͥՅͽɔɭ䁵ȁѥQЁѡЁѡѡ́ͻeЁѡѡˊéձФ́ݥѠ䁱٥%ӊéͽٕե䁽Ёєͥ䁉͔ѡ܁ٕݥѱ䁥ɕ͔Ѽݡӊéѡɕݽɱ()ÍՍɵѥ́ͥЁ͕ѥͥ́Ёѡɕȁͥ́ѡЁԁݥ͠ѼѼݱ́䄁9ݽɬݽɬݽɬ5܁х́ݡٕȁԁѕ͕ͥ́́ݽɭ́͡ݽɭ̸ٕQЁͽݡԁѼɥٕͅѥݥѠձɽ٥ԁݥѠمՅͥхeԁٕȁܸA͕ٕɔMѥͥ́́Ё丁%Ёɕեɕ́ѥɐݽɬѕɵѥ Ёԁɔ͕ɥ́ЁѼͥ́Ёݥ5хи5䁽́ٔͥ́́Ёѡȁ̸]ȁɕ́́՝䁡́ѡȁ̃ͅaѡȁЁ݅d1Ս((܀(+qQM ͥ́MQIPU@]ɭtѡ 封IAՉ͡!܁Q ́%M 8ĴԁAɥ ȸQɔɔͽ́ݔɕ٥ݕ́Ё́Ѽѡȁѡɔɔѡ͔ѡЁѕ䁕ɸѡȁȁ͡QM ͥ́Mхе]ɭ́$ݥ͡$ձٔչ͡ݼ啅́ɔ$Ѽٔ䁑䁩ȁ͕啐%Ёٕ́䁍ɕٕͥٔɕ䁉́͵͕ͥ́ȁٕ䁑䰁յɱ̰ɝɕ́́ɍ͕́ͥѱ䁅́́ѡɅѕ䀡݅́ͥ́ٔѥѕѥɕɕȁɕ䁙ȁѡɕչ͵͕ͥ́́ѼѡɽѕqхͥϊtЁ她ЁɕɕɥQ́х́ѕ٥́ݥѠݕݸͥ́ɕɕ̰ՑɵȁݹȁI1ѕȁ̰I՝䁽͔Ց́Ѽѡ͔ɕ䁽ѡɽѼ͵ͥ́Ս́Ѽٽͽѡх́ѽͥ丁!ݕٕȰ͔Ё́ݽɭЁЁЁȁѼ͍QЁݥѡхѡ́́ݡ役Ёͥ䁅͕հ٥ѡЁ䁵ѡɕݕՍ́ɔ((((()9ЁՔ)!܁ѼMхЁ ͥ̀AЁ%$!܁Ѽɕѕȁȁ̰ͥݡЁѼՑѡͥ́ɔܹ饹լ()Ёѡɕ٥ݕȁɕɥѕȁ ɽ1͡չ́Qѽˊé=AHձх䁡͵͕ͥ́ɕɕ́ͥͭ́Չɕѥ̸()MAI%9%MMU؁((0