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OPINION 41 Knowledge Is It Time for us To Get Paid? because of this legacy of kidnapping. So where has this amazing sum of money come from? And why is Africa still starving? According to HIS-TORY religious institutions and nations who claim to believe in God, such as the United States of America, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Spain, France and Germany became very wealthy because of the kidnapping, slavery and colonisation of African and Caribbean people. All of these countries have now signed up to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The resulting legacy that we have to deal with daily is that, now in the 21st Century, we unfortunately find that the African-Caribbean economic and business world is led by global organisations, such as the G8 (which has no African or Caribbean nations involved) the World Bank and World Trade Organisation. These institutions now dictate economic and business globalisation policies for the African and Caribbean nations and peoples instead of allowing our communities to control their own economics and businesses. Most of the resources, both natural and human, that made the U.S.A and the European Union nations and United Nations wealthy has come from these African-Caribbean nations. There are Many people in business, especially the ‘Black and Asian Minority Ethnic’ (BAME) run businesses might not have been aware of the front page headline of 30th January 2006 in The Independent. reports Dr Darren Henry The Independent headline reads: “UN unveils plan to release untapped wealth of $7 TRILLION dollars (and solve the world’s problems at a stroke)” with a subsequent article written by economics correspondent Philip Thornton. This made interesting reading for African and Caribbean business leaders primarily, because we are only now being made aware of a potential $7 TRILLON DOLLARS of untapped wealth. The article is also making for interesting and great discussion amongst African and Caribbean business leaders, political leaders, academic leaders, and community leaders. Why is this article creating such debate among people of colour or MELANINPOSITIVE people at business lunches, barbeques, and dinner parties? The reason is because of the unlawful and illegal actions of powerful religious institutions and countries now part of the United Nations, which from the end of the 14th Century on into the 20th Century took part in the inhumane commercial and illegal practice of kidnapping indigenous Africans. According to International Law these practices still have to be answered for . Just saying sorry only recognises the problem and has yet to solve the economic problems and struggles which Black and ethnic minority communities still have no European born indigenous AfricanCaribbean professionals as Presidents or Chief Executives of European multi-national glo ͕Ʌѥ́ȁȁɽѽɭЁ̸]͕٥ɥȁ ɥ9ѥ́́́ѡఁѡȁݔ͕ɥȁ ɥ́ɕ́́Չ͡ȁȁɕѼɔѼQɕɔɔݔЁѥՙɥ՝͔͕مнѕȁѥՑ́ȁٕ䁑䁉͕ͥ%ѥѥ͕Iʹ́ͥ́́ͽѡݡ́ 5չѥ́ɔѥɥѽ䁥ѡЁ 丁%ȁٕ͔ձѤձɅͽѥ́ȁٕ͔ձѤձɅ͕ݽɱѡ́́䁄Ёѡ䁱ЁѼ́ɽѡЁḾЁѥȁ́ѼЁeLMѡȁѥ́Ʌ́݅ѼѡЁɕ䁅́ȁՕ͔́ݔݽձɕ䁅ɕєЁɥЁܸIɕ́ Ёܹх̹͍йլUMMɥѴܹոɜ] Hн̹Ѵȁѡȁɵѥܹոɜ=ٕ٥ܽɥ̹ѵܹչȹѵؼȽȹѴ()MAI%9%MMU؁((0