engage magazine issue 001 spring \'06 - Page 34

34 CORPORATE GOOD HEALTH Special Feature Nayna Dabhi with Edwina Mather – the India Banking Service has successfully used events to generate word of mouth referrals within local Indian communities. We want to make your financial life as straightforward as possible. So if you live in the UK and have family links with India, please get in touch. You can get more information at www.lloydstsb.com/ indiabankingservice or call 0845 300 0000 Dr Muhammed Usmani and Mufti Abdul Barkatullah discuss Lloyds TSB Islamic finance developments with Mohammed Paracha at the first annual Lloyds TSB Shariah committee meeting Ask us for more details. We’re happy to talk to you. 0845 6007 786. Or you can get more information at www.lloydstsb.com/ islamicfinancialservices involvement programmes in the UK, through the work of other initiatives to ensure that we can respond of our four Lloyds TSB Foundations for Scotland, effectively to all of our customers’ diverse cultural England and Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel needs, including literature in other languages where Islands, which between them receive 1% of our preappropriate and advertising in ethnic minority media tax profits annually. The mission of the Foundation is channels. to give grants to charities that help people, especially We have also introduced completely new products those who are disadvantaged or disabled to play a and services for some of our ethnic minority fuller role in their communities. Significantly, 25 per customers. We’ve worked with renowned Islamic cent (over £4.5 million) of the total grants given by scholars to launch an Islamic current account and the Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales in home finance product. The Muslim community is 2005 went to ethnic minority charities. one of the fastest growing in the UK and is very The Foundation for England and Wales much part of the fabric of British life. We want to give employs 11 grants managers Muslim customers banking services who regularly attend many that fit their faith, with all the benefits “The India Banking that they come to expect from a high Service is unique and conferences and events held by ethnic minority charities street bank. through Lloyds TSB and groups to identify work We have also launched an India branches customers that will make the most Banking Service in partnership with can open a bank impact. For instance in 2005 ICICI Bank of India, for customers the Foundation provided a grant who have financ FW&W7G2&F66VBvFb *3"SF6&F&RFRTBFFRF&涖rG2E4"B&v6F&6VBFRV7B6W'f6R2VVRBF&VvG266VBF֖FG2v62F6WfRE4"'&6W27W7FW'26VvF44&( VFB666&R&f6f"&66VBvFG2E4"B$Rw&W2FRw&Bv2W6VBF66VBFvF44&7FvR"6fW&V6RF&6Rv&VW72bFRFW6FV6VBWFFg&VRb6&vRB$RWGv&B&66&W'277VW2WfVW6RFR66VG2F6RF&W'G2vV27W'FrWF2֖&G6VFW2f"f֖ǒ"fW7FVBF&Vv44&'WVRF&VvW"G2E4"fVFF2G2E4"6'FvvRFRF&涖r6W'f6RV2W"7W'G2FR6vVb6WfVVBv&G27W7FW'2vRFV"6Ɩ2vFFBFR6WvVv&G2f"v6v^( fR&VVFRG2E4"2&r&v6FBvR6R6R76"f"FR7BF&VRV'2FR6WvVw&VB'F6Rr6FfR&RFRv&G2&V6v6RFfGV2v&RW6WF6VFW2FBvR6W'fRF7W'BW"&6R6G&'WFrFV&6FR6VFW2FWƗfR7G&FVwG2E4"2RbFR&vW7B6VGv^( &R'F7V&ǒ&VBbW"v&vFWF2֖&G6'W6W76W2vW&RvRfR&VV&7FfRVWFrFR6VFW2RbW"6V"vW'2'W6W72&涖rG&W"vv&2FW&'BVv&&Vv&vFǒG2WC( 6VR&RFW'&2VG&W&VWW'2Bv&&BF6WfR7V66W72B&VǒVFW'7FBFV"7W7FW'2vR6VB&RFrFR6R( BVFvrg&fVVF&6g&7W7FW'2ƖR#rזV"B6ƒWvVW'&WFW"&&֖vvR&RvWGFrB&vB6RFV2W3( ŖR&VǒVFW'7FBג'W6W72Bג7G&FVw( РVvvR5$r55TR#`