engage magazine issue 001 spring \'06 - Page 33

CORPORATE GOOD HEALTH 33 Special Feature important in removing the sense of isolation and highlighting ethnic minority role models. Our suite of career development programmes continues to play a key role in our race strategy, which now also includes a mentoring programme and a staff network for our ethnic minority staff. Our Group Ethnic Minority Network now has over 1000 members and meets on a regular basis to discuss issues and support and provide development opportunities for our ethnic minority staff. We know our range of support initiatives are working, because our engagement scores for ethnic minority staff have gone up and over the last 12 months alone, ethnic minority managers have increased by 17% and senior managers by 49%. As well as providing tailored development opportunities for our ethnic minority staff, we have also rolled out a comprehensive education and training programme for all of our staff to ensure that our culture is inclusive and responsive to the diverse make-up of our workforce. Many of our senior managers have been through a leading and managing diversity course, and most of our frontline staff have received online training in understanding cultural issues to ensure that all of our people understand and support our race strategy and the business benefits that it offers. Throughout our banking group, we’re seeing local initiatives bringing positive results, showing real commitment and passion from our people. Business Banking teams, for instance, have visited schools and colleges, spoken to teachers in the community, to find out what detracts young ethnic minority people from banking careers, what the barriers are for them and feeding that back to us at the centre. The same dedication has driven our marketing strategy and as a result we’ve been able to improve our capability to build mutually beneficial relationships with our ethnic minority customers. Whenever we do research with our ethnic minority customers, the number one priority that consistently emerges is the importance of having staff who have the understanding and skills to respond effectively to different cultural needs. Not surprisingly therefore, training is the mainstay of our race strategy for customers. However, we have also deployed a range “We know our range of support initiatives are working, because our engagement scores for ethnic minority staff have gone up.” Business Banking staff attending Lloyds TSB’s cultural awarness diversity course SPRING ISSUE 2006 engage