engage magazine issue 001 spring \'06 - Page 32

32 CORPORATE GOOD HEALTH Special Feature culture race Lloyds TSB’s Deputy Group Chief Executive Mike Fairey explains why having a sound strategy on race is critical to corporate good health Business is business – that’s the bottom line and the key driver for us in developing our race strategy. To quote Allan Leighton, Chairman of Race for Opportunity (RfO), which is an employer-led network that aims to help organisations reap the business benefits of having an effective race strategy. Our race strategy focuses on four main areas of activity. These are: EMPLOYMENT, including recruitment, selection, retention and progression; MARKETING to ethnic minorities as profitable consumers; SMALL BUSINESSES – how we work with ethnic minority business customers; COMMUNITY involvement programmes. On employment we have worked hard to create a culture which allows our ethnic minority staff to prosper and reach their full potential, which is ultimately what we want for all of our staff. In 1998, we carried out some research with our ethnic minority staff which identified that some of them felt isolated and disempowered because of a lack of role models and this was having an impact on their performance and career development. In response to this, we created a suite of career development programmes tailored specifically for our ethnic minority staff, managers and senior managers to give them the confidence and skills to compete for more senior positions. Feedback from the early courses we ran showed that the opportunity to network with other ethnic minority staff and share experiences was very Winning the Mike Fairey Deputy Group Chief Executive “We’re interested in the business understanding that if you’re good a XH[[x&[XZH[ܙH[ۙ^K'Bx&]HY[ܚ[[ۙYH܈]\[YX\[H\\HX\Y[][YYH[]YXYH\]HZ\وH[\ZYۈ[ ˈ[HXY]Y[[[H&\][ۘ[[X\[\^Hۈܚ[\XH\]X[]H\YX\]\[XۛY[Y[]x&YXYHX[ܙ\ˈ][ܙH[] Z[[HR&\[YY\]\[\; Y[ Z[ܘYH\[ۈ[[Z]Y[[[ۙ[\[KY\XHY\ۈH\[\Y[H[[X\[Z[ˈ\H\[ \XH]YH\YY[YH\Y[\\Y\˂[YHSTQH