Enfield High Newsletters - Eagle Edition EHS Newsletter June 2018 FINAL

Eagle Edition Enfield High School 2017-2018 June 2018 A Message From Your Principal Fellow Eagles, As we close the 2017-2018 school year, we reflect with pride on the accomplishments of our graduating seniors and look forward to welcoming a new freshman cohort. We also reflect on the accomplishments of our remarkable staff. This year, we are very proud to announce that our very own Mr. Allegro has earned the great honor of being recognized as Enfield’s Teacher of the Year. Mr. Allegro teaches Social Studies at EHS and is known for his engaging lessons, charismatic personality, and commitment to all students. This year Mr. Allegro helped implement one of our most popular new courses, “Community Action,” where students acted outside of the classroom to raise money for charities and build awareness about community issues. His students selected causes such as Veterans’ issues and a local children’s hospital. Mr. Allegro’s class was organized so that his students designed and carried out a class project. This class was an incredible example of both authentic and student-centered learning. While he is outstanding in the classroom, Mr. Allegro also helps promote civic engagement after school hours through his leadership role in our town’s Youth Vote program. Additionally, he worked with his Social Studies colleagues to bring a “civil discourse” event to EHS where students from a variety of schools worked on how to discuss controversial topics in respectful and productive ways. Furthermore, Tony served as a member on the Diversity Task Force where he works collaboratively with colleagues to improve equity in our school. He is a founding advisor of a Diversity Club for students and organized events to promote cultural awareness at EHS. Mr. Allegro is also a beloved soccer coach at EHS who teaches his athletes the value of community service and led his players to conduct a “clean sweep” project to pick up garbage around the school campus and “beautify” our school grounds. Mr. Allegro is highly respected by students and colleagues and we are very proud that he will represent Enfield High School as Enfield’s Teacher of the Year. On behalf of all the staff at EHS, we wish all our students and families a safe and relaxing summer. Sincerely, Ms. Clark Principal