Ending Hunger in America, 2014 Hunger Report Introduction - Page 4

INTRODUCTION bers of people who go hungry Figure i.2 Number and Percent of Food Insecure Individuals in the every year remain shockingly United States, by Race and Ethnicity high. The fact is that we tolerate levels of hunger in the Number Percent United States that would be unthinkable in other devel12.0% White 23,829,000 oped countries. The causes of hunger in this country are not unique, so solutions that have worked elsewhere could also Hispanic 24.9% 12,545,000 work here. In recent decades, we’ve somehow come to accept that the nation’s prosperity does Black 9,591,000 25.5% not need to be shared. The top earners make more than the top earners in any other developed country, while the Other 3,001,000 13.7% lowest-paid workers are worse off than their counterparts in all but a few of these counSource: Alisha Coleman-Jensen, Mark Nord, and Anita Singh (September 2013), Household Food tries.7 Being a “developed” Security in the United States in 2012, Statistical Supplement, U.S Department of Agriculture country surely means more than having an advanced economy. Moral and social development must be priorities as well. Setting a Goal There is still hunger in the United States because national, stat K[???[XY\??]?B???XYH[[Z[?][??]H?[?]H]??[?K??]?]Y??X?]?HXY\??\[?H?Y????]Y?Y\??H?[?[[Z[?]H[??\?[?H[?]Y?]\??%[??H?[??]?H ? ? ??[?H[?]Y?]\?H??[H?X??Y\?H?][?[?[?]H?H?[?H?]X?[X\?????]^?[??\??[[?????[Z]????[??][???[???X?[XZ?\??X???[?X?H??XZ?[?????\??HX?X??YY??[X[?????\?XY\??\?[??\??Y?[??[???]B??\?Y[??][??H??[?[?]8?%H??[?]HXY[?K???HH?\?Y[??[?\????]?\?[?x?&\??\?[?X?Y]?[??H??[[??[HH??B???[??H??]?Z[?] ?[?]?[?H\?XY\??[?Z\?????[][?]Y\???\?B??\?Y[?[?[[??\?H][?[??[??\??]?HX?X?][?[?]?YY????\??[??Y??X?[?[Y\?X?[??[?[??]?H[?Y? \?\?H?ZY????????\\?Y?]??\??[???]H?[?[????????B??L??MB??????B??\?[??H ? ?H?[X?\?????[?H]?[??[?H?X?\????]??B??\??[?8?%[?H[??X?HB?????]H[??]Y\? ?H\??[? K???????????XY ????[??]]x? ??? ? ? M[??\??\?8? ? L?????