Encaustic Arts Magazine WINTER 2017 - Page 9

As always, I thank the artists in the Winter 2017 issue of the magazine for sharing their work and their thoughts with us, and you for choosing to take the time to read this issue. The artists featured in this issue share a sense of inventiveness; an inquisitiveness and dedication to building a body of work reflective of their individuality. Each has their own unique take on their approach and ultimately in the form their finished work takes, but they share a sense of curiosity (“what would happen if…”) and innovative vision that feels both refreshing and exciting. The urging voiced by Judy Schmid to [give yourself] “a challenge to do things in new and different ways, always looking for the unexpected”, along with the enjoinder from Sarah Krepp cited by Cindy Lesperance to “make it worth the walk” strike me as valuable calls to action to carry with us into the new year. Thanks for reading! Kari Gorden Editor Encaustic Arts Magazine editor.encausticartsmagazine@gmail.com Dear Readers: