Encaustic Arts Magazine WINTER 2017 - Page 88

My intention with this collection of work was to portray the fleeting moment that we connect with. The flick of an ear, a stretch, a glance and then it’s gone. There is an untouchable quality in animals, however, we covet the connection and search it out. This is why animal artwork, especially equine art can be so powerful. Perhaps it is the controlled chaos of encaustic that makes this series so transformational. Or the  confidence  to “give up” the high-intensity color, or even the subtle message of the animal itself.   Creating powerful encaustic artwork and communicating with a powerful animal both require understanding and reacting to subtleties.  The length of the flame or a long exhale of breath can make all the difference. When you speak the language of the medium you are able to harness its natural potential. Only then does the creative process become a two-way conversation.