Encaustic Arts Magazine WINTER 2017 - Page 83

To create the dramatic underwater turbulence in Seahorse I balanced the painting vertically at a specific angle and carefully melted the wax. Encaustic is a medium where gravity can either be a help or hindrance. In this case, I allowed the torch to help dictate movement in the subject matter while keeping a “loose rein” so to speak. Encaustic has an organic quality, an “aliveness” that separates it from other mediums. The physicality and tactile quality of the encaustic painting process always creates a strong bond between me and my art. Constantly during the painting process, I will touch the surface. Like running my hands across my horse’s back, I run my palm across the face of the painting feeling the temperature and texture. I find it way too easy to get lost in the layers of wax and watch the painting virtually paint itself.