Encaustic Arts Magazine WINTER 2017 - Page 8

Dear Readers, encaustic/wax artists and collectors: WOW. I am proud of our magazine’s journey, which with any expanding endeavor has many twists and turns, and growing pains. Each issue enjoys many successes, as readers let us know. Kari Gorden, our editor, along with Adrienne Mehrens spend many hours gathering information on potential artists to highlight - searching for new and different techniques, applications of medium, and celebrating artists who have gained recognition through their work. This issue we feature Cari Hernandez as our technique artist. Her amazing collection of instructional videos are informative and entertaining. Our featured artists represent all forms of wax, including cold wax and represent sculptural as well as 2-dimensional work. As we stretch to be inclusive of all creative applications of encaustic and wax, we encourage you to contact us with any suggestions or participation in future issues. WOW again, because this medium is here to stay and fast becoming the art of the 21 st Century. I am proud to say that thanks to Kari Gorden’s amazing design talents, the Encaustic Arts Magazine has become a work of art unto itself. Also, here is a short video we put together of the Museum of Encaustic Art. Enjoy!! Douglas Mehrens Founder: Encaustic Arts Magazine Encaustic Art Institute Museum of Encaustic Art Mehrens@eainm.com