Encaustic Arts Magazine WINTER 2017 - Page 75

“Encaustic is a little like taming a horse. It is beautiful, wild and in a split second it can get out of control.” —- Jaya King I like to describe myself as a “color nerd.” This means that when I’m driving home to the ranch I am color-mixing the passing landscape in my head while trying not to veer into a cow. I am fascinated with color relationships and how they interact with one another. That being said, I am also a huge advocate of using a limited color palette. In most of my paintings I limit myself to about four colors, and yes, I include white as one of the four. If you are in control of your colors, you are in control of your painting. Encaustic is a form of controlled chaos. Speaking of, so is riding a horse… I’ve never really been a horse-girl. Nor did I ever expect to live with horses, let alone have two of my own to call my “boys.” Just like with encaustic painting, learning how to ride teaches me how to stay in control, when to give, and how to listen to the 1300- pound animal that is galloping 15 miles per hour underneath me. Since Logan and Rommel (yes I know…we didn’t name them) came into my life my art has taken a leap forward. Horses have become a recurring theme in my work over the past couple years. My encaustic paintings have evolved into semi-abstracts using understated, monochromatic, “dusty” colors. It felt natural when I began a new series of work in preparation for a show to put my bold Technicolor color palette aside. The result made an impression.