Encaustic Arts Magazine WINTER 2017 - Page 68

The final method that I’ll be discussing is the pairing of encaustic and paper in the form of book-arts. My passion for paper and books is strong, as is my reverence for the printed word in this ever increasingly digital world. I think books have a lovely physical quality, and I wanted to capture different expressions and “movement” that I see in them. To that end, I wanted to create a still moment or play upon a notion when using books as a form. This pursuit has lead to many installations and variations of those themes. I never tire of the book as a form, there is a kinship and familiarity that is both comforting and intriguing for me. I developed an approach whereby I first shape the book, independent of encaustic, and then let size and shape determine how to apply encaustic. In sharing an overview of my sculptural journey and process, I hope to inspire you to get very curious, and merge that curiosity with your artistic vision. In doing so, you will truly create your artwork in an individualized way that expresses your unique visual voice. (c) 2017 Cari Hernandez Hope, (3/4 view), encaustic, paper (repurposed book) 17 x 13 x 9 inches, 2016