Encaustic Arts Magazine WINTER 2017 - Page 58

Little One, encaustic, plaster, wool fiber, 9 x 6 x 5 inches, 2016 Early on I realized that some of my ideas would require creating an armature. The considerations for this method lead me to test materials that would be lightweight, absorbent, with a degree of rigidity, as well as easy to form and shape. I wanted to create forms that I could suspend en masse, and could be made in a wide range of sizes. After much testing, I found that plaster cloth met most of my requirements. Using plaster cloth forms, I’ve created pieces that both serve as free-formed sculptures as well as what I refer to as “sculpture based paintings” (incorporating these forms into a traditional painting). Personal preference tends to keep these forms more spherical in shape. However, using plaster cloth built over a wire armature allows for nearly unlimited options when it comes to size and shape, allowing for greater diversity. 2 Pod Study, encaustic, plaster, wool fiber on panel, 21 x 21 x 12 inches, 2015