Encaustic Arts Magazine WINTER 2017 - Page 43

Bibliophylum, one of my favorite pieces, grew out of this process of carving into books, and is a good illustration of how being flexible and responsive to what you are making can lead you to better and more intriguing work. I would describe my creative process as finding my way down a path, step by step, rather than charting a path to follow. This was the case with Bibliophylum: I never would have dreamed up that piece, but instead found my way to it over many years. It began with carving books and noticing that some of the small chips being removed had their own beauty and poetry about them. Scooping through many layers of pages often gave these little remnants the look of wood grain, and blurred the printed text into grey lines. I set aside some of my favorite pieces and soon became more interested in them than the sculptures I was ostensibly working on.