Encaustic Arts Magazine WINTER 2017 - Page 36

Cerebral Mapping, books, wax, view of 11 foot wide piece, 2012 This preponderance of color can be readily seen in the Cerebral Mapping series. Here my process is simple: I cut books into slices, dip them in glue water, and entwine them together to create organic shapes and swirling lines that reflect patterns in nature, from capillaries to river deltas. The entire piece is shaped and glued together without wax, but the final step of coating the paper in wax is the key to the piece, making it more rigid and cementing the pages together, while also revealing the many colors of paper that can be found in the dozen or so books used for the piece. Wax also acts as a preservative, sealing the pages off from exposure to air and slowing their degradation over time. Though wax is an almost hidden component in these pieces (it soaks into the paper so thoroughly it can hardly be seen), it is crucial in bringing out the beauty of the book.