Encaustic Arts Magazine WINTER 2017 - Page 18

My process is intuitive and highly layered and because of the use of oil paint with the cold wax, I find a drying time in-between each of the layers is almost mandatory. After my panels are gessoed, the painterly layers begin. Oftentimes I mix the oil and cold wax on the palette and then use brushes, scraping tools and palette knives to apply the mixture to the surface. Not only layering, but removing areas as well by dissolving, scraping and scratching. I also like to use the cold wax as a ‘resist’ to preserve areas that I wish to keep as the piece progresses. Eventually, the painting becomes ‘its own’ and is no longer a part of me or the process of making art. This sometimes takes months before a painting is finished, but remember to never settle! You will know when it is finished.