Encaustic Arts Magazine WINTER 2017 - Page 17

A few other bits of advice I always like to share with other artists is to always set your goals high. In work and in life, don’t settle and always strive to do your very best. That means being patient and kind with yourself and your art as well as using the best quality materials. Being a ‘professional” artist means your collectors and viewers of your art will take you seriously. I also like to encourage fellow artists to be authentic and take the time it takes to truly do a complete body of work that is yours and yours alone. I remember a quote from a Mary Oliver poem “Things take the time they take. Don’t worry.” This authenticity and ‘your style’ will not happen over night. Enjoy the journey! A good decision I made years ago was to “learn to say no”. At times, for the sake of our own sanity and our art, we must learn to say no to outside distractions that may interfere with our studio practice. Don’t get me wrong though, there still is life to be lived. Believe me, I am the ‘queen of play’ and seldom do I turn down the opportunity to go horse riding, biking or hiking with friends! Just remember, life is all about balance. My art path had a few twists and turns before I discovered the medium of cold wax. I was immediately hooked by the almost zen-like feeling I get when working with a medium and techniques that to me is definitely an art process coming from deep within my soul. Most of my paintings are done on custom-made birch plywood panels made by a friend of mine (see resources) and because they are custom-made, I have the freedom to be creative with my compositions simply by the use of varying the shapes and sizes. Sometimes I work on paper, but I always prep my surface with many thin layers of gesso, sanding in between the layers.