Encaustic Arts Magazine WINTER 2017 - Page 157

Roland HOTbox TM for Encaustic Monotypes The authentic Roland HOTbox, pro- duced and fabricated by Paula Roland, is now available exclusively from Vent- A-Fume. Widely used by encaustic me- dium artists and teachers, the Roland HOTbox is often considered the most useful, versatile, and energy efficient equipment for working in the encaus- tic medium. Four 100-watt light bulbs inside an insulated framed box heat an anod- ized aluminum plate to between 155°F (barely melting wax) and 200°F. The heated plate melts the wax to serve as a palette when painting with an encaus- tic brush or tool. Models & Pricing Model HB17-Single Price $510.00 The molten image of the monotype created is then transferred to an absorbent paper, a fabric, or other sub- strate. No fusing required. No heavy, expensive press is needed. • Anodized plate (available in 3 standard sizes) pro- vides a strong, protective finish that is easy to clean and keeps colors from changing (oxidizing). • Heavy-duty, detachable electric cord. • Temperature sensor will cause the bulbs to turn off if the temperature reaches 210°F. HOTbox Plates Only Single Plate Price • Dimmer box with safety fuse to pro- tect the equipment against a power surge. Accessory Plates Price $80.00 10-in. x 8-in. $35.00 8-in. x 4-in. $20.00 HB17-Double $1,020.00 Double Plate $160.00 HB17-Pro-Set $2,040.00 Pro-Set Plate $320.00 HB17-Single (No Plate) $430.00 Each Gen3 model measures 16-in. x 22-in. x 6.25-in. (high). A division of Vent-A-Kiln 51 Botsford Place, Buffalo, NY 14216 Toll Free: (877) 876-8368 info@ventakiln.com • www.ventafume.com 1 Year Warranty