Encaustic Arts Magazine WINTER 2017 - Page 147

Surface shapes are made by usage of plexiglass combs (I created), roof shingles, kitchen tools, and anything I can put my hands on to help to create texture. Color in the plaster pieces is a combination of compartmentalized and structural. By the nature of the sculptural decorative components, there is often a harder break in the color field then what would be in other situations. Within the geometrical decorative elements, I often utilize shellac burns and other colors to create interest. In these plaster pieces, the compartmentalized color area can convey a sense of flatness, until you approach it and see all the texture. This texture ranges from smooth and predictable to sharp and non-rhythmic. The texture also provides decorative elements that encourages exploration of the details. Not being limited by the framing, extensions from the piece, Rising Sun, affects the compositional weight and becomes a compositional element. In the Rising Sun piece, I have used cedar slats to float the circular medallion. The cedar is a very soft wood, with the subtle shifts between red and white. To me, the softness allows for a more subtle transition to the s ‘…‘½έ́…Ή₯ΉΡ•Ι…Ρ₯½Έ₯ΉΡΌΡ‘”ΝΑ…”₯ӊé₯ΈΈ%Έ„Ω•ΙΡ₯…°)΅½ΥΉΡ₯Ήœ°Ρ‘•Ν”Ν±…Ρ́•Ή½ΥΙ…”Ρ‘”•ε”ΡΌ•αΑ±½Ι”Ρ‘”Ω•ΙΡ₯…±₯Ρ䁅Ή‘…±±•Ή”Ρ‘”)Ω₯•έ•ΘΡΌ•ΉΩ₯Ν₯½ΈΡ‘•₯ȁ½έΈΝΥΉΙ₯Ν”Έ