Encaustic Arts Magazine WINTER 2017 - Page 137

As I move through the creative process, there is an emphasis on the usage of a variety of shapes. In combination, these varied shapes help to create emotion and dynamic shifts. Motion is also created in the encaustic pieces, through usage of burning, tool marks and color in the materials incorporated. For me, encaustic has a similarity to the wood and fine woodworking that I grew up with. I have always been attracted to the ability to carve and shape this material. Woodworking demands understanding of its graining and unique characteristics to successfully bring a piece to fruition. Walnut or cherry wood, acts differently than creating a piece of furniture out of pine. Likewise, encaustics offers similar challenges, as I create my own medium and add colors through the usage of powders and oil paints. Differing encaustic waxes respond in different ways to give me different effects. It is through this layering and understanding of the material, that has allowed me to create dimensionality and varied unique combinations throughout my pieces. Likewise, the wax has the ability to be carved, excavated and worked in manners that are reminiscent of using chisels on a piece of wood. In fact, many of the tools that I’ve used in woodworking, I continue to use in creating encaustic and mixed-media pieces. It is this transferability of processes and skills that has and continues to excite me. Decorative elements have included usage of aluminum and copper roof flashing and other day to day construction material. Many of my pieces have compositional interplay that tends to reflect high energy, rather than passiveness. This is also a reflection of my personality when I am exploring the woods, or investigating an urban setting. Whether I’m riding a single-track mountain bike or bouncing off rocks down a river in a whitewater kayak, I don’t tend to stay in one place very long! In the city, I am constantly looking for photographic images, patterns and scenes that convey the uniqueness and energy of place. Many of my photographic images convey a sense of tension, in that they capture a moment that is in transition. In these situations, as in my art, there is a continuation of that frantic quest that is often part of who I am (following are photo encaustic pieces using mixed media and encaustics).