Encaustic Arts Magazine SPRING 2017 - Page 96

Crossing Paths I was honored to have recently been selected by the Open Space Visitor Center Gallery in Albuquerque for an exhibit that explored my personal relationship with the land, specifically, my favorite hiking trail in Albuquerque — the Pino Trail (#140) in the Elena Gallegos Open Space. Entitled Crossing Paths, the show examined the idea that when we separate ourselves from nature, we lose the very connection that sustains us. (Show dates were January 14 th - March 19 th , 2017.) Half of the show consisted of 7 encaustic pieces depicting large boulders along the trail, which, to me, are like pieces of art in an outdoor sculpture garden. Because I hike there so regularly, the boulders have become like friends. (Fellow hikers have probably wondered who the crazy woman is talking to and stroking the rocks.) The other 8 pieces in the show incorporated pieces of scrap metal. I was inspired by the interesting rust patterns on the metal and found the juxtaposition of the cold hard steel against the soft, translucent, organic wax intriguing. These pieces represent the interrelatedness and necessary exchange between nature and man. I utilized other natural elements in some of these pieces, such as pollen and flower stamens. The show was a tribute to this trail and, on a larger scale, to this landscape that has inspired me.