Encaustic Arts Magazine SPRING 2017 - Page 9

In the Spring Issue, we feature artists pushing the boundaries of traditional encaustic as a medium. These artists are using encaustic alone; with inks; oil sticks; resin; watercolor; oil paint; cold wax medium; dry earth pigments; minerals; rust; shellac; sand; ash; sculpted encaustic. To me, the beauty of seeing all these different ways of working with encaustic is that it presents new possibilities to consider. Seeing all these combinations of materials added to encaustic medium may spark me to try something a little different. Or not. We each have our own unique way of working. It’s important to allow ourselves the freedom to experiment to find what serves us best — whether that is through using beautiful straight-forward encaustic medium and pigmented encaustic, or with something a little out of the traditional definition of encaustic. It may not change my way of working to see another artist using a novel material, or novel combination of materials, but it encourages me to consider other tools that may serve me now or at some point in my art-making. It’s just interesting to see what other artists are doing, how they think, how they manipulate whatever material they’re using to express their ideas. I hope you will feel the same way when you look at the work in this issue. Thanks for reading! Kari Gorden Editor Encaustic Arts Magazine editor.encausticartsmagazine@gmail.com Dear Readers: