Encaustic Arts Magazine SPRING 2017 - Page 8

Dear Readers, encaustic/wax artists and collectors: I am excited and amazed that we are publishing our 13 th issue of this magazine. Time has flown by. We appreciate all of you who have elected to subscribe and the positive feedback has been wonderful. I am also happy to hear from those of you who purchased hard-bound copies of the magazine. It is great to be able to offer that feature through our software. We continue to share with you — diverse encaustic/wax artists, and our Technique section has gotten many rave reviews throughout the world, especially the more isolated regions. This issue, Shari Replogle shares information on the encaustic/shellac burn technique. Be sure to check out her YouTube channel with an assortment of videos on encaustic techniques including Shellac Burn. The more the Encaustic Art Institute (EAI) expands its vision as an umbrella for the Encaustic Arts Magazine; the growing workshops and demonstrations through EAI; and now the Museum of Encaustic Art; I continue to realize that the impact is not just on the Encaustic/Wax community at large. Patrons, art collectors, educators, other art- related non-profits, and the tourists, are including encaustic/wax medium within their awareness more and more. The fastest growing medium in the nation! Thank you once again for your support and your interest in our efforts to expose a select group of encaustic/wax artists and their inspiring creativity within each issue. Enjoy!! Douglas Mehrens Founder: Encaustic Arts Magazine Encaustic Art Institute Museum of Encaustic Art mehrens@eainm.com