Encaustic Arts Magazine SPRING 2017 - Page 72

Like so many artists, long periods of time are spent in the studio just looking at the work in progress, just meditating before the work, allowing myself to really see what exists there. In my series Ocean Inside the Drop, the organic matter I embed in the work such as vines, paper and silk, as well as the use of natural, cellular-like forms, creates visual links between two worlds, visible and invisible. These remind us of our connections to nature as human beings, and our inherent divinity and perfection because of it. Because encaustic paint is built up layer upon layer, it is particularly well-suited to the atmospheres I wish to evoke. I have found that beeswax has a rich, earthy organic quality as well as an ethereal transparency and luminosity, which allows me to capture a kind of subtle divine light as it is manifested in the physical, material realm.