Encaustic Arts Magazine SPRING 2017 - Page 7

For those of you who may be new to viewing magazines online, here’s how to navigate. There are a couple ways to view the magazine online. You may wish to experiment to find what works best for you with your particular monitor size and reading preferences. The first thing you’ll see once the magazine loads is the cover of the magazine. Click on the arrow > on the far right of the viewer to open the magazine. The arrows (on the far left and right middle of the viewer), for all viewing options are how you turn the pages. You can also use the I< or >I to go to the last or first page. (Those arrows are located at the very bottom far right and left of your screen. You’ll notice that the page numbers are also located at the very bottom of your screen on the right). You can click the Pages Overview icon - the grid icon at the top of the column of icons in the far top left margin. Clicking this will allow you to see page thumbnails that you can click to go directly to a page. Viewing Option 1: Zoom Mode If you want to get a closer view of anything, you can click on the + icon at the bottom left corner of the viewer to Zoom in. (Or you can double click on the page and it will zoom in by itself). Adjust the page size by moving the slider ball either toward the - or the + signs in the slider scale bar. Once you have the page size adjusted to your preferred size, you can turn the pages by clicking the arrows at the far left < and > right margins of the pages. To exit out of Zoom mode, move the slider ball in the slider scale at the bottom left corner of the viewer all the way toward the - sign. Viewing Option 2: Full Screen Mode To view the magazine in Full Screen Mode, click on the Full Screen icon (the second icon from the top located on the far top left margin of the viewer). Then click ALLOW on the window that reads: www.joomag.com Allow full screen with keyboard controls? CANCEL ALLOW You can then flip pages by clicking the arrows on the far left and right of the magazine pages. To exit out of Full Screen Mode, hit the ESC (escape) key on your keyboard. When you’re all finished looking at the magazine, just click on the X at the top of your browser to exit.