Encaustic Arts Magazine SPRING 2017 - Page 4

Encaustic Arts Magazine is a digital magazine, published semi-annually by the Encaustic Art Institute in Santa Fe, New M e x i c o . Th e m a g a z i n e i s published online in December and June. This is our 13th issue. The link to subscribe to the current issue will be posted on our website as each new issue becomes available. You may use the link anytime to re-access the magazine after you’ve subscribed. The link will be posted there until the Winter 2017 issue is out on Dec 1, when then link will be posted here. Click here for detailed information on subscribing, re-accessing, and viewing the magazine. We will continue to offer free access to back issues of the magazine prior to the Winter 2016 issue. Click here to read them. A new feature we are offering to our readers is the option to purchase hard copies of select back issues of the magazine. You’ll find details and information here.