Encaustic Arts Magazine SPRING 2017 - Page 29

BIO “The encaustic paintings that come through embody a luminous depth of movement and expansiveness into mysteriously sensual otherworlds.” I was born and raised into an artistic family in Long Beach, California. My focus was on drawing and ceramics until 2000 when I moved to Laguna Beach and shortly after began painting with encaustics. The rich and luminous quality of encaustics instantly captivated me, awakening a yearning to express a lifetime of sensual images seen and unseen, known and unknown. For me, the act of painting is about flow, about listening, about stories. The beeswax, when applied to a canvas and then heated, yields form from an ethereal formlessness. Gallery Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art, Laguna Beach, California http://www.lgoca.com/ Selected Group Exhibitions 2015 – 2017 Art-A-Fair, Laguna Beach, California 2016 – 2017 LGOCA at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Laguna Niguel, California 2013 Cascade AIDS Project, Portland, Oregon 2008, 2016 Art That’s Small At City Hall, Laguna Beach, California 2008 Art For The Environment, Irvine, California 2007 Project Skimboard 3, Laguna Beach, California 2007 Sandstone Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, California 2007 Cove Gallery, Laguna Beach, California 949.290.4016 Email: Becky@BeckyBlackArt.com Website: www.BeckyBlackArt.com Laguna Beach, CA 92651