Encaustic Arts Magazine SPRING 2017 - Page 165

“Born of an immigrant family, I grew from the experience of two worlds: the first, my ancestral heritage; the other, the host culture of America. At a young age, this sparked a youthful curiosity of other cultures, a fascination of historical events, philosophical differences and scientific wonders. Being an intuitive style artist, I draw my inspiration from that which inspires me, thus allowing me to be free in the moment. The use of mixed media and encaustic wax brings out the spirit of my work.” - Lynne Bowden Bits and pieces of color and form attempting to find their order in space and time. "Color Inception" can be the beginning of something greater than ourselves, or merely a jumping off point to what we can be. Color Inception 24" X 24" X 2" $900.00 LYNNE BOWDEN FINE ART bowdenfineart@gmail.com www.waxinfusion.com