Encantado Magazine October 2017 Issue - Page 56

Pioneer cial women are victims. The statistics are about the same for men except nearly half of native American men are victims. Why is this issue so prevalent here in New Mexico yet the system that’s meant to protect us, continues to fail us? I am standing up saying enough and speaking out about my story where there’s many more to be heard. I want to make a change and create more awareness to this ongoing issue. Create waves in order to not receive any more pamphlets but actual help for what’s actually needed. My project may be simple but impact- ful where we all stand together to say enough. We need more support! I will also be taking you through the seven phases I encountered through this relationship where it begins with love for the self, love for another, pain, denial, void, life/growth and finally validation. I am hoping to start up my own non-profit in the future where in being an actual survivor, I know first hand what’s need- ed. I know first hand where the system failed me, what I needed the most and that quite frankly pamphlets were not the answer. Through all of this I want to say im grateful for my adversities as