Encantado Magazine October 2017 Issue - Page 55

Featured Pioneer I n my darkest moments my mother once told me... it will get better, one day you will wake up like nothing happened. That pain and hurt you feel today won’t exist anymore. You will wake up one day and you will only feel love and happiness. The time in my life that she said this to me, it felt like an eternity for me, “I’ll never get there” I thought. She said “You need to focus on picking up the piec- es, becoming braver than you were yesterday to take care of your children who need their mother.” And thats exactly what I did. I began trying to pick up all the pieces of this madness I was living in. The continous abuse, the continous police reports, the in- justice, the revictimization from the courts and the never ending court sessions. But during this process my children filled the void I felt I would never fill, gave me strength in time of weakness and loved me uncondi- tionally. My mother was right. The healing didn’t come immediately as I prayed it would but in time all heals. After two years since my sep- aration, who I was then, is not who I am today. I wake up every morning grateful for where and who I am to- day. I am grateful for the love of my children. They gave me my life back. With all I’ve overcome the last two years I’m finally in a place where I feel I have the opportunity to do something to help others who may be walking in my shoes. To speak up, inspire, and make changes on an issue that needs more support. Do- mestic abuse should not be a taboo subject and the many people go- ing through it need more support. Pamphlets are not enough to make a change in something that happens too often. I have learned to love myself and accept myself for who and what I am. I am not a victim I am a survivor. I am not who I was and because of that there’s a responsibility to make a change where it’s more of a burden to not speak up. I am one of many. There are many affected by domestic abuse. With that being said I have created an event that is growing every day. We all have a story and mine is just one of so many others. To give you an insight: 85% of domes- tic violence victims are women, 4 out of 10 in African-American women, non-hispanic, Na- tive-American women and 1 in 2 for multira- 55