Encantado Magazine October 2017 Issue - Page 14

Looking in the mirror: OMG, What is that? Written by: Ayanna Freeman S o, you wake up, brush your teeth, and now you’re alert! Looking up into the mirror, you begin noticing these round white or light spots on your face. You rub it, and it begins flaking and spreading... It’s official, AUTUMN IS HERE!! I love a good, fashionable denim jacket like the next diva, but it seems as though our facial surface change is really our first hint of cool weather on its way! No issues...we can handle it faster than say- ing, What Dry Skin? Hydration is the trick when it comes to dry skin that appears in cool months. Up your coconut oil intake. You can cook with it or put it directly on your skin! Yes...It’s a wonder why people still fall for the 10oz bottle of lotion for only $3.50. Whatever sale you grab it on, it’s still a wast of $4 (you know, with tax). We re- ally need that to go toward a gallon and a half of fuel! Also, big surprise here...Drink water all day!! Sip on nourishing drinks vs sodas, sugary juices, and the party loving punch