Encantado Magazine Feb 2018 issue - Page 60

GROW YOUR BUSINESS BY GROWINg YOURSELf The better you know yourself, the better your business will be So for your continuous business growth, you are the key You are the foundation on which everything is built And you are your business to the hilt As everything begins and ends with you That is one hundred percent, undeniably true You are the engine and you are all the parts as well For without you, there’d be nothing to sell So begin by searching for any negativity in your thought And decide that battle doesn’t need to be fought You can easily replace it with positivity instead And that way you won’t be stuck, full of dread Then look at what you tell yourself and the reasons why Often times you’ll find that they’re based on some lie A false belief that you adopted a long time ago And now it’s time that you finally let it go Then examine your beliefs as they run your life And discard the ones that cause you any strife And soon you’ll be on the path you were meant to be Running your business quite successfully © 2017 Darshan G. Shanti - The Feel Good Poet “I write what you think and feel but can’t express in a way that’s ideal.” www.feelgoodpoems.com