Encantado Magazine Feb 2018 issue - Page 57

worthy.” I have always enjoyed writing and often feel that I am better on paper than in person. Writing can be particularly helpful when you are coming to terms with or even ending chapters in your life. This allows us an opportunity to express our feelings without interruption. I recently met with a local writer, Kay Love, who shared her book and her story with me. Her book, “Shed the Mask” is written about her life and the hardships she has lived through since birth. She sheds light on how incredibly important it is to seek care when your mental health is challenged. When she started writing, she was originally writing a thera- py journal to help her navigate through the troubled waters of her life. The more she wrote, the more it became her voice for advocacy. Her goals are to bring awareness to mental illness and intellectual challenges and how they not only affect the indi- vidual, but those around them as well as to remind people that we have choices. We can either become products of our envi- ronment or we can change for the better. or are experiencing something that hinders your mental well-being, please seek one of the meth- ods discussed to get back on track. It can be as simple as looking in the mirror and telling your- self “I love you”. Sometimes small can be power- ful. Do it often as it takes time for a thought to be an action and an action to become a habit. Next month we will wrap up our self-care series with emotional and spiritual well-being. You are strong, you are smart, you are worthy, and you are loved. Stay positive and be empow- ered. Much love. With her writing, Kay has not only shed light on the effects of poor mental health but has be- gun her own healing process so her road leads to a healthy men- tal well-being. I believe her sto- ry can inspire hope or change. You can find her book via her Facebook page or on Amazon. Whether you have experienced 57