Encantado Magazine Feb 2018 issue - Page 49

Model: Kristen Olguin Photographer: Patrick Baldonado Dara fell in love with fashion at an early age and learned to sew out of necessity. Because of life circumstances, she didn’t follow a path of fashion design initially. Instead, she found a wonder- ful career in corporate Human Resources. Just as life happens, that role ended and she took the plunge into re- tail. It was a great learning environ- ment, and what she found is she loved working directly with the customer and de- signing the right look through style consultation and bespoke design. Becoming a fash- ion designer at the age of 40 might be a Hopeless Cause, but she found that she loved empow- ering others by the way they com- municate though their clothing and accessories choic- es. Always com- munity-minded, she wanted to build a brand that gave back and gives the custom- er the choice on what organization to impact. Through her de- signs she provides impact to her cus- tomers, the en- 49