Encantado Magazine Feb 2018 issue - Page 36

have not seen in a long time, or awaken some- thing in you that you didn’t know you had. She puts her heart and soul in every piece that she creates and you can feel it in every piece you choose to wear. Many may not know that Kathy Beal’s fashion line originally began with scarves. Her line was great but something was not completely there where Kathy felt something was missing. It was until she began becoming more in tune with her purpose that she realized her passion was in creating her Goddess wear active line and that was when everything really took off! This is what Kathy was meant to do! Kathy can create up to 100 different designs in one sitting. She states that time completely stops for her when she gains access just by simply showing up in her passion. This is an amazing concept where if you simply show up as authentic and passionate in what you do, simply everything falls in place! All her designs began from photography years before. She looks at the world through an out of focus lens and this is where the magic happens. She states that she sees the world without edges, she focuses on its essence and energy through her photography where it’s then created into artwork then placed onto the fabric. There are a total of 13 different Goddesses that Kathy’s line celebrates and 3 main collections. The spring collection is about love, beauty and feminini- ty, the summer collection has hotter colors for warmth, and finally the celestial goddess where they literally rock your world! I personally have my own pair of leggings from the Goddess Au- rora which is the Greek Goddess of the Dawn. She is the bringer of the day and the messenger of light and hope, a symbol of renewal. Without knowing the meaning behind these leggings, they resonated with me after a photo shoot in Santa Fe. I wear them more often than any oth- er pair of active gear not only because of their uniqueness but I embody the essence of what my leggings stand for. They give me strength and remind me that I’m celebrating my inner light that I’ve found needs to shine and that my hopes and dreams are possible. Kathy states that we need to feed our inner selves in order for us to shine, where we honor ourselves. By wearing something on our bodies it penetrates us and allows us to embrace this energy. We literally begin to glow and our beauty shines through where people will take notice! Kathy hopes that these fashions will inspire you. That they will make you feel amazing the moment you put them on and you will spread your wings, soar like the Goddess you are! Confident! Sexy! Magical! Vibrant! DIVINE! P.S. I am forever grateful to Kathy Beal for being such an inspiration in my life and in many other women’s lives where you have made an impact not only with your clothing line but simply in who you are. Thank you!