Encantado Magazine Feb 2018 issue - Page 32

which made a world of difference to the lives of many women. She donated without hesitation to simply gift another woman a piece of jewelry for an amazing cause. Susan is the epitome of success. She’s a perfect ex- ample that we can become anything in life regard- less of what adversities we may possibly face. If we simply set our mind to what we really want to do in life and are passionate in what we do…we will succeed. She definitely handles more than most of us, but it’s possible for anyone to do what they want in life. Never give up on your goals, dreams, aspirations as they are all possible. Susan has not only become my friend in that past few years that I’ve known her but to see her bloom into who she is today I can say I am proud to know her. I asked her what advice she had to offer as she really has el- egantly mastered the trade of multi- tasking! She stated that if you are not happy with your current situation, do something about it. If you don’t love your job, do something you love! If you do what you love you will NEV- ER work a day in your life. She would like to also extend an opportunity to anyone who would like to not only change their life by simply wearing the jewelry but also becoming part Model: Sheena Begay HAMU FB@Bianca Guerrero-Rascon FB@Juana Torivio Mobile Hair Makeup Artist Savage Beauty Lena Torivio FB@Lena Ashley of her amazing team of 47 women. Please do not hesitate to contact her. She can be found at www. jewelsforfi KH[[ۈXX\\[]YH[\[X^[ܛ\YHۂXX\K \\^H Hܛ\