Encantado Magazine Feb 2018 issue - Page 25

a huge level of accomplishment. Working with an online professional comes with a high level of personal accountability, but with support and encouragement, and knowing that there is knowl- edge and expertise backing you, you’ll be confident and successful in pursuing your health and fit- ness goals. Lastly, rest assured that online fitness programs do have an outstanding proven record of success that are often times higher then other in-person coaching programs.  So now the ball is in your court.  What is the dream YOU are looking to achieve?  Are you looking for a nutrition plan only? Do you feel you need fitness program? How much support and motivation do you feel you need? Are you looking to compete? Do you want to lose 10 lbs? Do you have a wedding coming up you want to look your best for? Are you looking for pre natal training or post baby weight loss? Do you want to gain muscle? Lose body fat?  SOME TIPS TO GETTING THE MOST OUT OF ONLINE COACHING! 0. LET’S COMMUNICATE - Good communication is essential. Since there are no in person meetings with an online coach, you need to be willing to put forth the effort in communication with your fitness coach. Just like in any relationship, without communication (phone, internet, etc) your training will not be effective. 0. HOW DO YOU FEEL? - It is extremely important to give your coach feedback as to how your training is going, how you’re feeling, and any concerns you might have. Without feedback, effec- tive plan alterations cannot be made. 0. TIME IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT - Nothing happens overnight, and you will get out exactly the effort you are willing put in. Altering your physique takes consisten- cy & dedication. No matter what your goal is, understand there are no quick fixes or instant methods to success, yet doing what works over and over again.   Please do not hesitate to send me any ques- tions you might have regarding this article or any of your fitness questions... 25