Encantado Magazine Feb 2018 issue - Page 24

Fitness HOW WILL MY COACH TRACK MY PROGRESS OR ADJUST MY PLAN IF Needed? Part 2 Written by: Daniel Rocha A WHO IS GOING TO HOLD ME ACCOUNT- ll online fitness coaches have different ways ABLE?  of tracking client progression, from weekly check in process via email or text, request for I have a simple motto, “Follow and Achieve”.  Yes, your current weight, photos, and the meal plan it really is that easy!  The plan that is created for sent you from the week before. The reason for you is very specific, but is also just as simple.  As this request is so that they can assess your prog- previously mentioned, there are ways that your ress and adjust your plan as needed. If neces- coach can and will hold you accountable, but sary, most will use webcam technology such as ultimately YOU must hold yourself account- Skype, FaceTime or Facebook Video to check able. This is extremely empowering! You’ll be in with clients, discuss their plans and progress, opening yourself up to the personal satisfaction and to make immediate changes or adjustments you’ll feel from setting a goal, holding yourself to ensure their plans are working effectively. accountable, and achieving that goal.  It allows you to take charge of your own success, and feel Fitness with Daniel Rocha