Encantado Magazine Feb 2018 issue - Page 20

Health is where your W Heart hen you think of the title “Health is where your Heart is”, you might imagine switching from manteca to olive oil, eliminating chicharones from your diet, or eating low-fat foods. While healthy eating is critical for our heart health, I believe that it is our thoughts around health that shape our heart’s health and wellness. Written by Natalie Peña is! vival. Instead, it is based on wholeness. So how do you move forward to choosing from the heart? Get clear on your BIG WHY Oftentimes, it is difficult for us to find our WHY when we focus on our health. This can cause us to push health to the bottom of our to do list. So how can we prioritize health to the top? There are several techniques that you can use to get to the essence of or choices, or our WHY. We know that our health should get the attention it de- serves, so I ask you to utilize all the practices I am sug- gesting. They will support you on your health journey. A technique my dear friend introduced me to is Root Cause Analysis (RCA). Research suggest that you can use RCA to get to the essence of a problem. This tech- nique was developed by Taiichi Ohno who was the archi- tect of the Toyota Production System during the 1950s. It is said that if you ask WHY 5 times, you will get to the core of your problem and solution. If we are aware of the problem, and we have a solution, our commit- ment will remain powerful and focused. We all know we need purpose if we are to stay committed to some- thing, therefore I urge you to start the process. One, ask why you want to take on your health. Once you have an answer, ask why again. Do this five times, and see what your answer is. The why answers the deeper inner es- sence that we may have forgotten about. Once you have asked yourself why 5 times, write down your answer. Next, you will need to get clear on your goals. Notice, goals do not come before the WHY because WHY is the heart of your choice. Goals become the “how to” get it done. This is the action from which the heart has de- cided. Take time to reflect on the answer. Ask yourself where you feel it in your physical body. Last, recognize how your body is connected to the WHY. This will sup- port you to ground yourself when you feel like giving up. This month, I focus on making healthy choices from your heart instead of your mind. So, how do you know if you are choosing from the mind instead of your heart? First, we must understand where our choices are made because where we make choices, can determine the out- come of that choice. To understand, let’s define a dis- tinction and a collapsed distinction. A distinction is the differences between two things. A collapsed distinction is not recognizing the difference between two things. Oftentimes, we do not know how to identify when we are living in a “collapsed distinction”, so we tend to play out our choices from a state of not knowing or the sub- conscious mind. I’m here to tell you, there is a clear dis- tinction between choosing from the heart instead of the mind. When we chose from the heart, it comes from a deeper purpose. When we choose from the mind, it is usually from a place of fear or survival. For example, choosing from the mind might looks something like this, we get sick, we decide we bet- ter get healthy and build our immune system. Or we go to the doctor, and we are ordered to lose weight for health reasons. Stop for a moment and think, has this ever happened to you? If so, where did the choice to live a healthier lifestyle come from? See, the mind is programmed to survive, so naturally our mind starts to think of ways to survive. We make our choice from this fear of death and sickness. In other words, our choice came from fear of being sick again. The only downside to choosing from this space is the decision is grounded in fear instead of love. The fear of death or fear of not being enough. While this type of “wake up call” might jolt you to choose differently, it may yield negative emo- tions.Thankfully, there is a different way to make your Mental clarity about goals in health choices. When we choose from the heart, we tap into Goal setting is important for strategic planning and at- the deeper meaning of the choice. It is not based on sur- tained success. Having a life coach is also supportive to Heath is wealth Health is where your heart is!