Encantado Magazine Feb 2018 issue - Page 16

Skin Care Secrets With Ayanna S K I N S E C R E T S My specialties include; formulas, regimens, and personal diet & living, as they all effect your skin. I donʼt just know a little bit...Iʼm slightly a “know it all.” BEING IN LOVE WITH YOU... Better than any one else can. By Ayanna Freeman, The Skin Care Expert, HealthySkinIsMyBusiness@gmail.com Looking back at me with those gorgeous brown eyes, midnight black hair, skin with the glow of the sun, and curves that demand attention. The power is in the palm of her hands now. Then, when she speaks...they all hold their breath to hear what will sound. Sounds like an excerpt from a novel? In actuality, it’s a series of POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS I can review to myself, just one act of LOVE! What is it you LOVE about YOU? Is it your hair? Is it your eyes? How about your skin? Does your energy attract exactly what you want? What color do you absolutely glow in? What did you inherit that you know another person cannot take from you? These are characteristics, ßaws, and unique details that are worth 1 falling in love with! Sometimes, we just need to believe it, embrace them, and enhance to reßect into our self- conÞdence! How beautiful is that? This week, I want you to “date” yourself. Starting now, look in the mirror, and just check you out. Select your good physical qualities: hair, skin, body, and inherited traits that only belong to you. If you want to support your beauty, look into nurturing your body with only the gentlest cleansers, moisturizers, and cosmetic products that will never deform you. Be patient with yourself when improving visually as well as emotionally. Are you a writer, singer, good listener or friend? Are you a nurturing parent? Do yourself a favor and write it down! Remind yourself daily how absolutely amazing you are because you’re a great person who’s always improving (We all are!). Every night, never go to sleep angry at yourself. Ensure yourself that you are special, you are loved, and you matter. When you practice this, your nightly regimen will reßect your acts of LOVE. Throughout your day, show others how to love and treat you. If others disrespect you, show them the right way by respecting yourself Þrst. You must understand that you’re worth it before they do! When you complete this article, written in love, pass the love to someone who needs a little redirect ion and afÞrmation! “...they all hold their breath to hear...”