Encantado Magazine 2018 March Issue - Page 46

Millions of photographs are posted on social media sites every day. We see all kinds of photos - bad photos, good photos, and amazing photos. I hope you will learn a few things about how to edit your average smartphone photos into amazing photos. To begin with, make sure your smartphone camera lens is clean. Use a soft cloth to softly rub your camera lens. Dirty fingers have probably touched your camera lens from time to time, especially after eating a delicious slice of pizza. #1 – Open your smartphone camera #2 – Take a picture #3 – Click your edit button Take amazing photos with your cellphone #4 – Crop the photo if needed Always crop out parts of the photo that take away from the main subject. The main subject should be the focus point in the photo. After cropping the photo, click on the checkmark or whatever icon is used to advance to the next step. Now we are going to adjust the colors in the photos. The original photo will not automatically pop with color, you have to make the adjustments. #5 – Click your TONE button